The Noob's Guide to Posting YouTube Comments

Posting comments on YouTube is easy. Sign in, watch a video, and leave a comment below. It sounds simple, but this is where so many people go wrong. I've seen a few people (a few, mind you) leaving NICE comments on videos. What?!?! WTF?! Noobs these days...

Here are 10 helpful hints for leaving comments on YouTube videos:

1. Yu must tipe lyk dis

2. You must insult at least one random commenter.

3. It is highly encouraged that you start an internet argument. Remember, the more insults you can get in, the better. Use a lot of exclamation marks and CAPS to get your point across.

4. Since nothing on the internet is real, say the video is fake. Then insult the person that made the video by questioning their sexuality.

5. By default, the person that posted the video is stupid. Therefore, you should always display your intelligence by insulting their mother and/or threatening to kill their entire family.

6. Remember, your opinion is better, more knowledgeable, and more important than everyone else's. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If they do, refer to #3.

7. If you're over 30 years old, try your hardest to type with the grammar of a 10 year old. (I'm assuming that you have to try) ..No one likes a showoff.

8. You're perfect, and you make perfect videos. Therefore, you should point out every little mistake that the uploader made. Plus, you know, add a few cuss words and stuff. Exaggeration is key.

9. If after you carry out #8, someone tells you "If you don't like the video, don't watch it", once again, refer to #3. And add in some of the family threatening from #5.

10. If you're not in the mood for demeaning other people, find one of those chain comments that you're suppossed to copy and paste or face certain death, and leave it on every video ever made. Everyone loves spam comments!

P.S. Ya dun goofed.

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